Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shot Put Instructions

Hello there, if you’re reading this that means you want to get better at Shot-Put! Shot Put is a Sport of strength,agility and just....strength!

One type of shot put style is the glide,I’m telling you this because it is only done for older kids, amatuers and professional female shot-putters.

In the Olympics, the female shot putters technique is the glide and the glide only.The best world record is 21.36 made by Nadzeya Ostapchuk from Belarus. But she had taken drugs therefore she doesn’t have the world record,It’s Valerie Adams from NEW ZEALAND!!!!!

I will tell you about the things in Shot Put. There is a round circle where you stand in and where you make your put from. There is also some powder that grips onto your shot.

Now i’m going to tell you about some of the rules in shot put. First you HAVE to stand in the circle and not leave until the shot has landed.So you cannot just leave in the middle of the throw you have to stay until it has landed...

Some Shot-Put tips I’m giving you is, that you need a good diet,a very toned upper body and practise,practise,practise.What I would do to help me get all those tips is to watch your health,workout most of the day,and practise!!!

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