Monday, August 6, 2012

My Early Christmas Present

   My Early Christmas Pressie

                        This Weekend was like no other weekend before, as I got...

“Aahh” I sighed as I woke up to the sound of my mother screaming at the T.V,because she was watching Eric Murray and Hamish Bond,in the lead by about two lengths of their rowing boats. Of course they won another Gold for New Zealand. Once I looked at my Dad he was watching an eye at the Warehouse online for Pool ,and he was looking at a particular table that was $400.

Then my Dad said “Okay do you want the pool table as an early Christmas present...” “yeah yeah” my sister and I agreed. So my Dad brother and I went to buy a pool table. When we got there my Dad had gotten a very polite man to help us roll the table to our van. As soon as we got home my Dad put together the pool table.

It took about 2-3 hours to put together,and finally it was accomplished and now it was time to whip butt. I had some skill because I played at my mums work because they have a snooker table. My first battle was my sister who I bet and I wiped my brother by about 5 balls to go. But my dad was too good and he bet me by 2 balls to go...

My player I would go for in a competition would be Chao Fong Pang. Because he is the World’s best 8 Ball Pool player...

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  1. Hey Wyatt,

    I really liked your post about our pool table. By the way you should change one thing and that is that I whipped your butt. Keep up the great work.

    Your Sincerely your lovely sister Jarna:)