Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Frog Report

AmphibiansHabitatAppearance and body parts

live on water and land

Live in water until frog adults and then they live on water and land
they mostly change colour in daylight or moodfrogs legs flash as they have different movement
DietHibernationLife cycleEnemies
frogs eat insects and anything that had meat in it because their carnivores

in the winter mostly,and under muddy bottoms of lakes.they get breaded into swarn and then eggs and then a tadpole. After that they become tadpoles with legs and then a froglet. A 12 to 16 weeks later they become adult frogs...their enemies  are snakes,lizards and small creatures like hedgehogs...

Frogs are amphibians. What's that??? An amphibian is a creature that can live in either water or land and also cold-blooded.

That is what a frog is. Did you know that the adult frog can leap or jump twenty times its length!!! Just imagine the tallest person in your family and they can jump 20 lengths of their height.

Frogs usually live for around 10 to 15 years until they either get eaten by predators or die.Frog’s main predators are birds, reptiles and snakes but there's more...  do you know how frogs get away??? frogs get away by their legs. Their muscular legs are really fast when they move.

Frogs hibernate under very muddy bottoms of lakes,rivers and seas. They hibernate around winter and the month october.

Frogs change colors by daylight maybe even the mood. The only frog i've seen change color is turquoise.

Frogs are very delighted to me personally and I will not kill them.

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