Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christcurch disaster

Yesterday at 12:51 a tragic event happened.An earthquake struck Christchurch causing buildings to collapsed.people are trapped underneath all that rubble.There were people that had bloody faces and paramedics were helping the citizens.

They were sleeping in the parks and in there cars even on the ground this caused a lot of damage.The news presenters said was in Lyttleton the magnitude was 6.3km down it was shallow“40 people are deceased in that horrible disaster.”The cathedral had the pointy bit at the top and then guess what... it collapse.

Do you want to know what we should do?Do a donation to the kids that have no school and to rebuild the houses and buildings.I hope that Christchurch starts to build houses or little sheds to sleep in and then build the next day.


  1. Hi cool writing I liked the way you said tragic and you gave me heaps of info about the Christchurch earthquake keep up the good work don't stop believing by isara

  2. Hi Wyatt I like the story of the Earthquake I thought it was a cool story and the story is sad to did you now that I have finished my story to

  3. HI wyatt you make me sad now just like you.I hope the helps can save more people and live happy I hope I see more of your work