Friday, February 18, 2011

The waves

While the parents were setting up the gazebo my cousin and I jumped into the sea.The beach had big waves making me gulp heaps of water. I hopped out of the water and I ate and drank until the taste was gone."Uh oh, I don't feel good"

Its time for the donut,a pumped tube with handles and ladder to hold on to.That's why my sister called it the donut.Jumping into the donut A big wave BOWLED us over. I'm so glad that we went home because...I don't like the taste of the sea water.But I hope we come back.


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  2. Hey Wyatt I liked that bit when you got bowled over keep the good work up.

  3. Hi Wyatt I like your picture.and I like your great work.and thanks for the comments.