Monday, September 22, 2014


It's that time of the year again! Elections are a huge part of New Zealand because it decides which party is going to run as New Zealand's Government in the future. There are seven parties all together in New Zealand. But mainly only  two stand out. National, with their leader John Key, Labour, with their leader David Cunliffe.

Votes will only count only at certain places and at certain times. You will vote by ticking your party that you would like to become future government.

If National win, they will get more education for children, mainly for Disabled children. They've also made a promise to invest in making more houses for families. Addition to that, National will Invest One Hundred million dollars over ten years to improve freshwater qualities in our waterways.

Labour on the other hand, will get $16.25 minimum wage. They will also be hiring 2,000 teachers, investing over 100 million dollars towards new classrooms. Finally Labour will provide every student, from years 5-13 will all receive a portable digital device, for schoolwork.

If I had to vote, even though Im to young. I would vote for labour, because labour has more polices than the other parties and Labour has more opportunities in line for me.

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