Monday, April 14, 2014

Fiafia Night

“Fiafia night” a 2 year traditional thing that we do at Point England School. A night that all groups perform on a huge stage to please the audience, kind of like Christmas in the park, but not as much audience. Around like 3,500 people arrive, not that much. But it was even more nervous than ever before, I was a MC. A person who talks alongside 3 other people. Isara, Gloria and Tyla-Marie.

My part was every important because I had to do the mihi to start the Fiafia on a good start. It was nerve wracking, but I couldn’t see anyone because it was too dark. So I wasn’t as nervous. I had to say the mihi to kick start Fiafia off. It went smoothly.

All the Items passed and all of my speech bits and pieces went solid. Then it was my time to do my item. It was called Precisely that! An item choreographed by Mr Barks and mr Sommerville. It was kind of like a military performance. The main item was the rifle. Also followed by white and black clothing. It was funny and serious at the same time.

After that smooth performance, It was the end of Fiafia and all my weariness disappeared when I knew that all of it was finally finished. Fiafia only happens 2 years a time, I am so privileged to be one of the four lucky MC’s for that night.

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