Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Outlook For Someday Workshop

One day the Outlook For Someday Guys, came and helped us to make movies. Their names are Elai & Chris.  They are pros at camera shots and editing movies. So we started off with a little movie to motivate us. Then we looked at some of the award winning films. They had us do a jigsaw puzzle. We finished it and it had Four words on it. Society, Economy , Culture & Environment.

“Think of your idea and think about your plan for your movie” Elai shouted. We decided to name our group Nuclear Productions. And our movie is evolved around Enviroment. We made the movie with the main ideas as rubbish and it had a bit of bullying in it.

In the end I was very proud of our movie because we manage our time and we did different to everyone else. Everyone elses movies were very good but I think our one is the best. It was time for Elai & Chris to go back home. True fact: we were the last workshop to be done for the year.

I have really improved in my camera angles and that is very important if you want to make a movie.

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  1. Hi Wyatt,
    I attend the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your blog and am so excited for you that you got to make a movie and have improved on your angles! You made me very interested in your video and I watched it and thought that you and your group did awesome! Thank you for blogging so I can see it and keep up the great work!