Monday, March 18, 2013

10 Sentences STORY!!!

1.Why is this dog surfing.
2.In the morning,my dog put on a life jacket and a wig then surfed with us
3.Between me and my friend, my dog was surfing beside us.
4.With luck on his side, the dog hung onto the board before he could fall into the water.
5.Unfortunately, the dog tumbled back into the water, and started floating back to the shoreline.
6.Floating back, he griped the board and lifted himself up.
7. Balenceing on the board, he caught up with us. (Owner)
8.Relaxed, the dog jumped the wave.
9."This is no ordinary dog, this is one unique creature"
10. The dog smiled at me and then bit me on the arm, then ran back home.

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