Monday, February 11, 2013

Eleven Days Of HELL

( It was a sunday evening when I wanted to read a book, so I read a short book on a magazine. The title was called “Abducted by terrorists and Escaped” Have a read)

Terrified about what this woman and man had been through,I had to keep reading. So there was a lady and a man who had flew over to russia for a business trip and were heading to work when suddenly, five men with leather coat jackets came and she had called them “terrorists” and they had knocked them out.

The lady woke up when a man with a wooden baton with rusty nails swung and hit her in her rib cage. They had arrived at a house where they had been thrown into the basement. the lady was knocked out and the man was taken to another room to be TORTURED. The lady woke to the sounds of her husband’s screams and cries...

The lady and man were together again and she could hear the group of terrorists laughing and drinking. The lady said in these specific words “ If only I could hold my two daughters” the two daughters were at their house in australia. anyway after 4 whole days of torture they started say to themselves “I have to stay strong...”

It has finally been a whole nine days of torture and they started to lose hope and they thought that no one knew they were there and thinking about the people coming in and killing them. It was Day Eleven and they started to bleed out when they heard a sound of glass shattering and someone shouting, The door swung when another group of people came and drove them somewhere else. She said in her mind “Are these the good guys or the bad guys???” they were wearing military uniform and speaking russian.

They were finally free and they were saved by the FBI of australia and the russian police force. The Lady was “Yvonne Bornstein” and the man was “Dave” They were united again and guess what??? In a month or so she made a book called” Eleven Days Of HELL” You should have a look...

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  1. Wow Wyatt! That sounds scary. You described that couple's story so well. I may just have to check that book out.