Monday, December 17, 2012


I have a netbook, A digital learning tool that millions of people use globally. You can use this for many things, this netbook has been in use for at least 2 years. This is what 2 years of netbooks has been like:

What I like about the netbooks is because if you write a story and you want to share it,you can! With the help of blogger. Another reason on how the netbook is better is because we don’t cut down trees to make books.

The last reason is you learn and  discover anything on the netbook and if your parents ask you to do something on the computer, you will already know how to do it. Those are Three reasons on how the netbook is better.

Here’s some sentences about why the netbooks can sometimes be a pain. They can be a pain because the netbook keyboard is very small. Also you can’t make animations or movies on them, Because they DON’T HAVE THE PROGRAMMES...

I going to be creative and make up hot it can work. I put the movie and animating programmes on a chip, (Not a potato chip) and insert it into my SD card slot and There you GO!!!!

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