Thursday, September 27, 2012

Docking Day

This week I have been learning about docking (Animals). Well docking is where you cut off a lambs tail,stopping it to be eaten by maggots! Now you'r wondering "How does that happen"? So basicly the Lamb poops then, it leaves a bit of poo every time. So if we didn't dock them then flies will lay eggs and make the maggots to eat the lamb. Heres two sentences to explain why this was the best docking day Ever!!!

"This was the best docking day Ever because a van came tumbuling down the hill and guess what was inside it??? Crates full of CHOCOLATE!!! So it was a chocolate Van... Also we could finally roll down the big hill."

That was the two sentences now I'm going to show you the two similes that I saw in the story and I put them into a picture. Enjoy!!!

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