Saturday, November 20, 2010

Helping with Mr J's Music Video

Mr. J asked each class at Point England School to contribute to a music video that he is making. We each chose a line from the song and then made a short video clip to go with it. Our line says - we won't delay or sit and wait. Read Wyatt's version of what happened on the day we decided to film.

On Tuesday, Mr. J. said, "Hello room 12, I'm going to ask you to make a part of my movie." So Mrs. Barks told us to line up and said, "Let's do that movie!" So we walked down to the big field. Mrs. Barks told us, "When I say action stay still but when I say go, you run like crazy!" She said "action" but some people moved, including me. Finally I didn't move and Mrs. Barks said "go." We all stood up and ran like a meteor had just hit the ground. The first time didn't work because some people went on the playground, but the second time worked. So we marched back to the classroom and carried on with our work.

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